Local Favorite Gasport NY Restaurant

A Favorite Local Restaurant / Bar & Grill of Gasport, NY Residents

Whether you have chosen to dine out, want to have a drink, plan to hold a meeting, or looking to have a great time with friends, a restaurant can provide the perfect environment for your activity. Lock 34 Bar & Grill is a one-stop spot for lunch, dinner, and drinks.

Here is part of what our Gasport, NY restaurant offers:

Tasty food and a range of beverages:
When you visit a restaurant, you expect to enjoy your meal or drink. At Lock 34, all our foods are tasty and well-prepared to ensure you get the same quality every time. We offer you different options to choose from so you can order whatever you like. Our restaurant also has a variety of drinks and beverages to suit different tastes.

Amazing restaurant dining experience:
We go beyond just providing good food and great drinks. When you visit our restaurant, you are assured of a clean environment and exceptional service. Our staff members are courteous and have a great attitude, something that is bound to enhance your overall experience. Our servers are well-versed in cuisines and will ensure food gets to you on time.

Beyond restaurant services - a perfect event venue:
Apart from being a great dining spot and bar, Lock 34 can also serve as an event venue. Our three functional bars and two 70-inch flat-screen TVs provide the ultimate sports spectator experience. The heated patio is perfect for private parties and events such as anniversaries, birthdays, and company get-togethers. Regardless of your event's nature, our staff will have the right space for you.

Our Gasport bar& grill restaurant specials:
To further enhance your experience, we have specials that offer something unique every day. As a restaurant committed to ensuring that you enjoy a VIP experience, Lock 34 makes sure that there is something for everyone.

The next time you want to explore a few new cuisines, and get a taste of different cultures, consider visiting Lock 34. restaurant. You will enjoy not only our signature dishes but also the unique ambiance of our restaurant. We are open seven days a week and are happy to serve you. Contact us to find out more about our services.